Mobile Telescope was first set up by a group of photography enthusiast whom wanted to solve the inconvenience of traditional photography. We understand the pain between taking the photograph and getting a beautifully edited photograph. Therefore, we set out to create Mobile Telescope to streamline a process for a more enjoyable experience for you.

Traditionally, professional photography is taken with the aid of digital cameras, which is both a pain to carry around and is highly inefficient to set up. Adding on, the need to transfer the photographs from your sim card to your laptop before editing is another long process too.

With the Mobile Telescope we invented, we shorten the photography process tremendously. We allow you to take professional photographs with a simple add on to your smart phones. Also, with all the apps available on your phones, you can edit your taken photos almost instantly. This have help made photography a much simpler process and have helped our community enjoy the benefits. Some even praised us for the benefits it gives to the videography industry too.

We now like to extend these benefits to you. We look forward in sending you your very own Mobile Telescope and making photography and videography a much enjoyable experience moving forward.