22X Scope
22X Scope
22X Scope
22X Scope
22X Scope

22X Scope

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Mobile Telescope brings a whole new game to the photography industry. Say goodbye to bLuRyyYyy images when taking pictures from a distance.


Enjoy capabilities never possible with your phones before

No Hassle, 3 Step Set-up:

1. Fit the clip onto your phone
2. Screw-in the Mobile Telescope
3. Add tripod for stability (optional) and you are ready to go
(Detailed Manual is provided)

For Content Creators, we hear you..

Creating content has always been a hassle! Well, not anymore!

No more BULKY, Heavy Cameras and long hours of editing.


Photo Editing Made Easy

Now you can Take and Edit Professional Photographs on the go...

(Check our blog post for more info)

Your content can be up in less than 5 minutes!

What's more, it's Lightweight & Compactable

Easy to carry around and it fits perfectly in your bag


Added Benefits: 
  • High-Resolution: Get closed up pictures and videos with your phone like never before. High resolution and quality
  • Manual Focus: Adjust photo/video sharpness by simply rotating the scope
  • Universal Clip-On Design: Can be used on any phone/tablet


 Here's an example of a picture taken from Taipei:


Start Capturing Your Favourite Moments with Ease and Satisfaction
Explore the new photographic angles and amaze your friends and followers!

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Very good product, I use it on a P30 and it goes very well, day photos can be made without tripod if you have good pulse, chromatic aberration dissipates a little if you zoom in on it, It's a little tedious on mobiles with multiple cameras because it jumps from one camera to another and you can't choose the camera you take the pictures with. Generally very happy. (the Peñon photo is made without tripod)


All very well. Fits any device. The only drawback is stability if you use too much zoom because it looks like it's shaking.


The product i arrive is of the corresponding quality with the price. I'm satisfied and testing it


Very good object , full functionality , very cool photo must have it. Very professional seller , good package...


Product arrived early, material good quality,